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Have you ever wondered why World Wi-Fi requires the blockchain technology to create a decentralized free Wi-Fi network? We believe that this is a very important question that has to be addressed.

Does every project require blockchain?

Not every project needs blockchain, and not everything needs to be decentralized. It might seem obvious, but with all the hype around blockchain technology and its potential, it can be easy to latch on to an idea the moment its whitepaper mentions a large, growing industry sector the project is supposed to disrupt.

When evaluating an ICO, a good first question to ask is: "Do we need a blockchain or a native token for this project?" If the answer is negative to both, chances are the ICO project is an example of "crypto for crypto's sake" or a scam.

World Wi-Fi has clearly-defined use cases of blockchain in the future product that are described in detail in the Whitepaper.

Blockchain implementation in World Wi-Fi

Smart Contracts

The use of smart contracts eliminates the need for a central brokerage entity while providing an easy-to-use framework with transparent conditions for peer-to-peer interactions between all participants of deals made on the platform. Deal templates are highly customizable, scalable and flexible. Smart contracts warrant that payments are transferred upon completion of a Deal, and all associated data is recorded in the database.


WeToken is a convenient payment instrument with high liquidity (it can be exchanged for fiat or other crypto assets at any time) that facilitates the transactions within the system and makes them cheaper for all parties involved. These advantages would not be possible if the deals involved conventional payment systems and intermediaries - the fees and potential transaction delays would render the whole system unviable.

Database Management

The blockchain enables efficient, secure and reliable storage of all types of information associated with deals, transactions and accounts. Each participant of the network can access all data at any moment, and it's virtually impossible to falsify any information on blockchain due to its decentralized nature. This creates an unprecedented level of transparency which is impossible without the blockchain technology.

For more information check out our Onepager and Whitepaper.
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