Well, you are received info about World Wi-Fi, your opportunities and benefits. What can you do right now?
Tell about World Wi-Fi people around!
It is a good option for all router owners. You can start to growth your network today: just register people with your referral link. Especially if you know anybody with MikroTik and Xiaomi routers. In other way you can propose to buy our repeaters and antennas.
Public hotspots is more profitable!
Look around you: if you know any hotels, cafes and restaurants, clubs, shopping centers, sports halls, colleges, a clinic or other public places. World Wi-Fi is a marked income for them. And with your referral link 25% of this income is your!
We reccomend you to write at least 3 posts per week about World Wi-Fi and your membership in this.
After posting, you can repost it in the Community group in Facebook. If you have Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit or other social media, post in it too. Use ‪#‎WorldWiFi‬ hashtag please.
Please tell about your new referrals and posts to email or Telegram Ambassador’s chat. In this case, we can award you points.

Good luck in your mission! Let’s build the global Wi-Fi network together!
Telegram Ambassador's chat
Kind regards, Olga Larina
World Wi-Fi
Telegram: @olgalla
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