Dear Ambassadors!
We strive to make cooperation profitable for everyone. You have 3 ways to earn with World Wi-Fi:
1. Advertisment.
This way is available to everyone. Create as many hotspots as possible and install them in places where many people can use them.
With CPM, the cost of one ads impression depends on its place. Middle value about 0.03$, but it may be 1$ and more.
The monthly profitability of your hotspots is calculated as
  • Number of impressions * cost of one impression * 30 (days in the month). More hotspots - more earnings.
2. Referral program.
Connect a new member by your referral link and you will always have 25% of all earnings of all his hotspots. More referrals - more earnings.
Of course, you are interested to find and connect referrals with lots of hotspots. A public space, a shopping mal or ISP will provide you with a stable passive income.
The minimum monthly profitability of your referrals is calculated as:
  • Number of home hotspots * daily earnings (from 30 impressions per day) * 30 (days in the month) * 0,25 (%) +
  • Number of public hotspots * daily earnings (from 500 impressions per day) * 30 (days in the month) * 0,25 (%)
3. Orders of routers and antennas.
The higher your level is, the greater discount you have. Also with large orders you save on shipping.

Ambassadors discount:
Ambassador: 5% discount when ordering from 30 devices
Evangelist: 7% discount when ordering from 30 devices and 10% discount when ordering from 50 devices
Insider: 10% discount when ordering from 30 devices
1 device = 11$
2-3 devices = 15$ (от 5$ за 1 шт)
4-10 devices = 25$ (от 2.5$ за 1 шт)
Larger orders are calculated separately.

The peak of Ambassadors Career is Root invite that increases your income by 25%

Detailed materials for your earnings you can find in World Wi-Fi Download Center. Look at this, please, we have some updates.
Download Center
Kind regards, Olga Larina
World Wi-Fi
Telegram: @olgalla
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