Hello there!
We are glad to have you with us as our community member!
To make it easier for you to navigate through our website we prepared an ultimate step-by-step guide.

Step 1:

Sign in to your personal account (Dah, everything starts with registration)
Step 2:

There are two types of wallets we support. You’ll have to choose either one of them (Ethereum/Bitcoin).
Say, you chose Ethereum-based one.
Copy the link you see in the blank and go to your Ethereum account
Complete the transaction, using the address you copied
Please note that the price of VRX tokens will be calculated at the time of actual purchase of the VRX tokens, not at the time of depositing funds to your account.
Step 3:

Want to verify your transaction?
After sending your coins from your wallet, you would receive a transaction ID
For Bitcoin, you can track all transactions at blockchain.info. Enter your TxID into the search field
All the details regarding your transactions will show up after you’ve entered the TxID.
For Ethereum, go to etherscan.io (the steps you’ll need to take to check you Ethereum transaction is similar to Bitcoin).
Step 4:

The speed of your transaction depends on both the transaction fee you the network congestion.
You can check the Etherium network status using this tracker https://ethgasstation.info/
Usually, the transaction process takes a few minutes. In the worst case scenario, you’ll have to wait about an hour.
Step 5:
As soon as your transaction is completed, tokens will be distributed to your account.
Congratulations! You’re done — now you have VRX tokens!
Have any questions that we hadn’t covered? Ask them in our TG chat!

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