As World Wi-Fi grows stronger, more and more people show their support for our project. That is why we decided to launch an ambassador program. Our ambassadors will be representing World Wi-Fi in their home countries and help build the network together.

What is a World Wi-Fi Ambassador?
World Wi-Fi Ambassadors are blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to help us to spread the word about World Wi-Fi. All of our ambassadors will be hand-picked by us. We look at our ambassadors as a direct extension of the World Wi-Fi team. We want to work with them, get them involved and have fun while doing it.

Do you want to become a World Wi-Fi Ambassador and be the first to receive "World Wi-Fi Ambassadors Kit"?

Then simply fill out our short form here or read a small guide and we'll get back to you!

Let's build a the global Wi-Fi network together!

Yours sincerely,
World Wi-Fi
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