We're the team behind Viarium, a project that aims to make Virtual Reality accessible and beneficial for any kind of business by building a platform with unified VR architecture. Whether you are looking for an innovative solution to boost sales, a new way to promote/showcase your product or a start-up with a strong concept to support, Viarium might be the right option.

About Viarium

Viarium offers a new concept of a virtual decentralised space with a set of tools for creating your own VR-world. Viarium is essentially a copy of the real world where businesses are free of most restrictions and are able to develop commercial and social projects.

Viarium universe allows businesses to save money by creating virtual halls for demonstrating and selling products without having to deal with restrictions of the real world. Businesses optimise their costs on attracting potential clients, renting demonstration halls and cuts expenses on salaries and logistics. At the same time, the amount of potential visitors and clients increases several times, considering the fact that they do not have to be physically there.

PreSale Details

Viarium launches the Pre-Sale for further development of the project, which aims to raise funds to open physical points-of-access with VR equipment. The Pre-Sale will run until 09/09/18. All of the transactions within the platform will be carried out with an ERC20-compliant internal token called VRX. The price of VRX is equal to $ 0.05, early contributors receive a 50% bonus.

Implemented projects

Unlike many VR projects that are at the stage of crowdfunding, Viarium has its basic architecture ready. Our team members have already designed several VR-spaces for project's partners: Art- gallery with art pieces exhibited in VR and VR-showrooms for conducting sales in VR. One of the promising areas is the project called Virtual real estate agent. Showing and selling real estate in VR is illustrated by an example of three existing housing complexes in Moscow.

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