Hi there!
As our popularity rises, more and more people try to take advantage of that and claim they are members of our team. We would like to remind you simple rules that can protect you from being scammed:

1. No more payments! If someone offers you to buy WeTokens at a good price before the listing — don’t trust them as they are 100% scammers.

2. Please, check the pinned messege in our TG chat https://t.me/world_wifi. All our team members are listed there. If you are not sure weather you are talking to a scammer or to one of our team members — don’t hesitate to inform us.
3. Activate the "two factor authentication" in your personal account at worldwifi.io. It will help you to secure your WeTokens. Here is our guide for you to set it up.

Have any questions that we hadn't covered? We are here to help!

Yours, World Wi-Fi
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