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Top digital currency experts, in a private meeting organized by Saint-Petersburg authorities, discussed what decisions relating to Blockchain should be taken at the state-level. The parties were represented by Yan Sepiashvili, Co-founder of World Wi-Fi, Vladislav Martynov, Advisor to Ethereum Foundation and the administration representatives. What significance does the event have? What does this mean for the Russian tech industry in the long-term?
First, the meeting shows once again that the officials are recognizing the change in financial services and are ripe for blockchain disruption. Saint-Petersburg authorities admit, the introduction of blockchain technologies has an opportunity to free huge budget and technical resources, that can be used more efficiently by distributing part of the load on the free computing power of millions of network users.
The second part of the discussion was dedicated to the issue of the Internet development and providing access to public services online with the help of World Wi-Fi as it intends to build the first global decentralized Wi-Fi network. The deployment of the network will not require large-scale construction works, as the project is based on private and public Internet routers.
To continue the discussion, Vladislav Martynov initiated a big event to be held in collaboration with World Wi-Fi and Ethereum Foundation in autumn, 2018 in Saint-Petersburg. The participants of the meeting supported the idea to gather blockchain experts, representatives of the Internet industry and state authorities in one place. The event will be devoted to the development of blockchain technologies and unite more than 10 000 participants.
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