We are pleased to inform you that the BTC/WeToken and ETH/WeToken rate is fixed in accordance with the PRE-SALE conditions and from now you are able to see balance in WeTokens in your personal account.

Also we inform you about TOKEN SALE conditions:

For all the participants of the TOKEN SALE the BTC/WeToken and ETH/WeToken rate will be fixed by the real rate on BItfinex on May 19, 2018 (or on the day, next to the end of TOKEN SALE if the Hardcap is reached earlier than May 18, 2018).

For all the participants of the TOKEN SALE who bought WeToken for BTC or ETH the BTC/WeToken and ETH/WeToken rate will be fixed as follows.

If the value of the BTC rate is above $ 9000 and the ETH rate is above $ 700, the rate will be fixed by the actual value at the Bitfinex exchange on the day next to the end of the TOKEN SALE.

If the BTC or ETH exchange rate (depending on the currency in which WeToken was purchased) is below the above-mentioned values, the BTC/WeToken and ETH/WeToken rates will be fixed based on rate as of 1 BTC = 9000 $ and 1 ETH = 700 $, respectively.

The WorldWi-Fi team has developed these conditions of fixing courses for participants of the PRE-SALE and TOKEN SALE in order to protect against short-term exchange rate risks. We are implementing a global project, and we are setting long-term goals and believe in the future of the crypto currency market.

Best regards,

World Wi-Fi team
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