Hi everyone!
This week has been very productive for our team, yet we're not going to stop. In order to keep you posted on our projects' weekly progress, we prepared for you this short summary.
St. Petersburg high-level meeting
On April 20, there was a meeting of blockchain industry experts, representatives of Internet industry and the authorities of St. Petersburg. The parties in the discussion were represented by Vladislav Martynov, the advisor to Ethereum Foundation, Yan Sepiashvili, Co-founder of World Wi-Fi, and Arbi Abubakarov, Head of Department for Foreign Economic Cooperation, Saint-Petersburg.
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New contracts
We are proud to inform you that the team's marketing specialists have already signed up dozens of contracts with different Internet providers. This week, the list of our partners was updated with yet another big company - we just finalised the agreement with Saudi-based PolarisNet to conduct the beta together.
More insights
The third part of our Developer's Blog was published on Medium.com. In the previous blog there was a description of a personal cabinet of the advertising distributor, in which you can install the necessary software in your router to connect to the World Wi-Fi network. This week we'll tell you how the firmware installer will work.
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AMA session
Yes, we did it again. This Thursday was marked with the third "Ask me anything" session.
This time, the stream was dedicated to technical aspects of the project. Here's the full version of the latest Live chat.
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Have a great weekend!

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