Hi everyone!
We have a very important announcement for you!

Now there are too many ICOs that raise funds only for an idea, and the crypto community is disappointed in such projects because not all of them reach the working model. We decided to postpone the dates of the Token Sale for one month in order to have time to complete the beta testing of the platform before the Token Sale end. Thus, we will be able to launch the World Wi-Fi platform immediately after the Token Sale end, to ensure sales and, most importantly, the liquidity of the WeTokens on the exchanges. Advertisers will be able to access the World Wi-fi platform and will buy WeTokens to conduct advertising campaigns. The new dates of Token Sale: from 18th April till 18th of May 2018.

For all the participants of the PRE Sale who bought WeToken for BTC or ETH, the BTC/WeToken and ETH/WeToken rate will be fixed as follows. If the value of the BTC rate is above $ 9000 and the ETH rate is above $ 700, the rate will be fixed by the actual value at the Bitfinex exchange on the 17th of April. If the BTC or ETH exchange rate (depending on the currency in which WeToken was purchased) is below the above-mentioned values, the BTC/WeToken and ETH/WeToken rates will be fixed based on rate as of 1 BTC = 9000 $ and 1 ETH = 700 $, respectively.
For more information check out our Onepager and Whitepaper.

Stay tuned for further updates!
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